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Training and Certification

Belize, as a nation, has adopted some of the most rigorous rules and regulations related to guided tourism. These rules are meant to ensure the quality of the Belize guided tourism experience, the safety of the visitor, and the integrity of Belize's precious natural and cultural resources.

Luis Godoy was one of the initial wave of certified guides, navigating a daunting gauntlet of training courses and certification tests.He has continued to seek training, updating and expanding his qualifications far beyond national requirements. In addition to standard guide training, Luis has trained, qualified, and certified to guide in specific environments, Mayan sites, and Belize National Parks and Protected Areas.

Luis has assembled, in Belize Nature Travel, a cadre of guides who share his passion for learning about Belize's exciting natural and cultural history. Some specialize in specific experiences (like ATM cave or Peten Maya sites) while others have developed broad guiding skills.

When you go into the field with Belize Nature Travel, you can be assured that you are going with the best trained and certified guides in Belize.

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