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Belize is an outstanding destination for nature and natural history travel - and Belize Nature Travel brings you the best experiences and couples you with the best guides our region has to offer.

Nature and the ancient Mayans do not recognize modern country boundaries - and our guides are happy to share experiences in both Belize and the nearby Peten region of Guatemala.

Mayan Sites

Luis Godoy's Belize Nature Travel offers outstanding guided tours to Mayan sites in both Belize and the Peten region of Guatemala. We can take you to "big name" sites like Tikal, Caracol, and Xunantunich - or less famous but equally exciting sites like Cahal Pech, El Pilar, and Yaxhá.

Your visit can focus on developed Mayan sites, complete with small museums, or can take you into the wilds to find ancient structures still engulfed by our tropical rainforests. We'll help you understand the ancient Mayans, what led to their downfall, and how their genes and tradtions are carried on in present day Central America.

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Belize is serious karst country and famous for its caves and caving. We have caves for all levels of visitors, from those with established trails to truly wild caves. There are caves which are easy to visit using canoes (no experience necessary) and true adventure caves like the famous ATM cave that requires swimming and then negotiating rapids inside the cave. There are also caves best visited by first taking a horseback ride. Others require ropes and harnesses to get into the entrance or down a steep passageway.

Many of our caves have beautiful formations. Cave life is interesting - our guides will help you understand it.

Caves were important to the ancient Mayans - and we can take you to see evidence of that. There are numerous caves with pottery and other artifacts and some caves where you can find human remains.

We have guides and arrangements for many different caves. Check with us and we'll match you up with just the perfect caving experience for you.

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Birds and Wildlife

Our guides have great knowledge of birding and wildlife spotting. The region has incredibly diverse habitat and many species of both resident and migratory birds.

Luis Godoy is sought after as a birding guide because of his abilities to spot unique species and help serious birders add to their life lists. He has some favorite and secret locations for spotting birds and other wildlife.

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Rainforest and Natural History

Belize is renowned for its amazing rainforest, boasting a huge number of species, many with distinct characteristics.

Many of the rainforest species were utilized in daily life by the ancient Maya - and our guides are prepared to help you identify species and understand their unique properties or uses. In the rainforest, the Mayans made use of estrogen long before Western medicine found it. There are wild cacao trees (chocolate) and vanilla vines. There are trees with poisonous bark and others with curative properties.

This is a land of huge termite colonies suspended from tree branches. Leaf cutter ants cut and gather leaves to support fungal food factories. Many species of colorful butterflies and some with transparent wings flit about the forest.

There is so much to see - and our guides can help you find and understand it all!

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