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Belize is a small but proud democracy in Central America, formerly known as British Honduras. Twenty years ago our nation began a path of sharing our unique natural and cultural experiences with visitors through guided sustainable nature and cultural tourism. We have built one of the most restrictive and respected guided tourism economies in the world.

Luis Godoy was among the earliest of the trained and certified guides in Belize. He has served as president of the Cayo Tour Guides Association for two terms. He has many years of experience taking visitors among Belize's fantastic Maya sites, into its spectacular caves, down its exciting jungle rivers, into several ecosystems in search of birds and wildlife, in pursuit of great photographic opportunities, and into traditional Mayan communities.

Luis is the son of a chiclero, a man who went into the jungles of Belize for months at a time to collect the sap of the sapodillo tree and boil it down into chicle, from which chewing gum was made. He grew up hearing stories about the jungle, knowing first-hand about the birds and wilife, and fully immersed in the culture of the descendents of the ancient Mayans.

Luis grew his skills and the young Belize tourism economy began to blossom. During slower times he worked and volunteered with the Belize Department of Archaeology, learning a great deal about the lives of the ancient Maya and about specific Maya sites. He volunteered with international organizations performing excavations on Maya sites. And he worked at the Belize Zoo, gaining insights into the species that call Belize home.

Luis guides in a way that creates a balance among:

  • strong knowledgeable interpretation,
  • keeping a reverence for sacred places,
  • making sure that everyone is always safe and comfortable,
  • protecting natural and cultural sites from visitor impacts, and
  • a light-hearted fun approach that helps everyone have a fun vacation.

Luis has taken his guiding skills, and his knowledge of the Belize tourism industry, and built Belize Nature Travel. As an independent tour operator, he works with many lodges in Belize and with several international inbound tour operations.

Belize Nature Travel can work with you, directly, to build a package of experiences and lodging that fit your interests and travel styles and partner you with quality experienced guides who will cater to your individual needs. You can come alone, travel as a family, or bring a group - we're ready to work with you.

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