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Luis Godoy is a certified cave guide and has guided individuals and groups through many of Belize's spectacular caves. He has participated in cave mapping and exploration. He is actively involved in cave conservation. He has a close relationship with the Belize Archaeology Department which officially manages the caves of Belize.

He has assembled a group of certified guides who share his passion for helping visitors experience the wonder of Belize's caves - and for taking care of those caves.

For the Maya, Xibalba, the underworld, is a very important part of the culture. Here ceremonies were held, sacrifices took place, offerings were made to the gods. Bodies were left here to enter the afterlife.

In many caves, a visitor can see evidence of the Mayan presence.


Belize Nature Travel can help you explore a multitude of caves in Belize, from the very easiest to some real adventures in caving.

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)

ATM is an amazing cave with a large chamber filled with amazing formations and many artifacts and skeletal remains.

The journey into the cave is as exciting as the cave itself - involving a swim, and then a wild route up a series of rapids within the cave. Finally, one arrives at the sacrifical chamber, where one must remove shoes and tread carefully along marked pathways.

The most famous skeleton is "the crystal maiden", the skeleton of a teenage girl, probably a sacrifice victim, whose bones have been completely covered by the natural processes of the cave, leaving them with a sparkling appearance.

Only a very few guides are "permitted" to guide visitors - and Belize Nature Travel is on that short list!

Barton Creek Cave

The adventure at Barton Creek is to canoe into a cave, and to enjoy the amazing formations that await you there.

The secret is that it's easy. There is almost no current - and the canoes are easy to handle.

You'll travel under stone bridges, find beautiful hanging formations, and even spot ceramics and bones left behind by the ancient Mayans.

This feels (and looks in photos) like a real Indiana Jones experience! Don't miss it!


St. Hermans Cave

St. Hermans Cave is found in St. Hermans Blue Hole National Park. This cave has a great jungle entrance - straight out of Indiana Jones.

You'll explore alongside a cave stream winding your way deeper into the mountain. This is an easy cave - especially the first half mile. Look for artifacts as you get deeper into the cave.


Rio Frio Cave

This is a big cave - in diameter! But you can see both entrances from the middle - it's like a giant tunnel.

It ends up being the easiest first caving experience you can have. No tight spaces. It's never completely dark. And, there are steps to follow.

You should be able to find bats. And maybe small cave insects.

This is a great cave to visit on your way back from Caracol! Ask Belize Nature Travel to work it into your day.

William's Cave

This is a wilder cave - less frequently visited than the others on this list. It is unknown to most people - but available to Belize Nature Tours.

We'll take you on a hike through the rainforest, through an old milpa. A real machette bushwhack. Then a short climb into this cave with two story formations and a long tunnel chamber to a lake. Time to go exploring!

Caves by Horseback

Not every exciting cave has a road right up to it - or a short trail. We know some great caves that are best accessed by first climbing aboard a horse!

The ride through the old farm, up some steep hills is a great experience in itself (these are gentle horses) - and the caves are outstanding!

Ask us to set this one up for you!


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